Ginger & Rainbows

Episode 1

Mad Prison Skillz

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Four humans wake up in a cage…

Well, they weren’t humans. Well, one and a half of them were human. And they weren’t in a single cage, but rather four cages. Anyway, you get the idea.

Fynn, a human rogue, awakens in a dungeon cage. By torchlight, she can see several other cages in the room. Most are occupied. The cage to her left holds a half-elf wizard named Nikoli. Opposite the pair are two more cages. Imprisoned in one is a hooded warlock, a drow named Alrick Gallowhill. Beside him is Terränis GalaStacia, a Druish Wood Elf.

There is a fifth cage in the room, but its occupant, a human male, is dead.

While the Warlock, Wizard, and Druid debate and discuss the ways of escaping their prisons, Fynn simply relies on her lock-picking skills, leaving the three to squabble like unrelated elderly women in a Miami ranch home. She barely has time to retrieve her own belongings from a table of valuables when a pair of goblins appear. Forced to reconsider her initial decision to abandon the others, she holds off the goblins while the other magic users escape, using a variety of skills ranging from brute force and Eldritch blasts to exploding and burning the adjacent bookcase. The trio then — heroically — assist Fynn in defeating an archer and a rather scary brutish fellow, along with one of the goblins.

Alrik, a rather handsome fellow in his own right, charms the last goblin — the one not burned by a flaming bookcase, because he has, as he puts it, “those mad skillz.” The group questions the goblin, but all he reveals is that “he just works here.” Unfortunately, during their escape, the team also became aware of a third person, known only as a male voice who ordered the goblins to “bring the human.”



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