Ginger & Rainbows

Episode 3

Got Any Sammiches?

As the group travels north, a few things become clear. Terränis shares that he became a druid because the people who took care of him told him that if he got closer to nature, he would be able to control his curse. Fynn’s appetite has not abated, and she is still standoffish with Alrik and Qiokh after their fight in the temple. Qiokh is taking a lot of time to explore the world, exhilarated by the newness of everything. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite get personal space as well, so he gets too close sometimes. Nikoli has kept his nose buried in books the entire way, occasionally tripping over roots and rocks. And Alrik has distanced himself from the group, muttering and meditating more often.

When an explosion rocks the woods nearby, the group races to see what has happened, and whether or not there are any sammiches lying about.

There is an encampment in flames, a large crater burning in the center. The people are under attack from goblins and bugbears. Qiokh performs aerial attacks, while Terränis, still in Death Dog form, races to the defense of a woman who has been beset by goblins. Even injured, she struggles toward the gigantic crater from which flames erupt. Fynn skewers a goblin in the arm, while Alrik unleashes an Eldritch Blast.

In the ensuing battle, Qiokh assists a fighter as she battles a brigade; Terränis and Alrik each battle horde brigades of their own, and Fynn provides support to each fighter, including one who is battling a pair of goblins.

One of the women retrieves a potion and feeds it to the woman beset by the goblins. This restores her health, and she returns to the crater. In the end, the horde is killed, with one lone goblin fleeing into the woods, and everyone survives.



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